Welcome to Science

I am so pleased to the 5th through 8th grade Science Teacher at St Joachim School! Before I began this role two years ago, I taught middle school math and science in San Lorenzo and had a variety of teaching assignments at Our Lady of Grace School. I began my teaching career as a lecturer in Textiles and Clothing in the Home Economics Department at CSU San Jose, which followed several years as a Home Economist with The Clorox Company. I attended Chabot College and earned my BS in Textile Science and MS in Consumer Ecoomics from UC Davis. 
Because I truly value lifelong learning, it is a privilege to guide young people who will face the necessity of learning new skills and information not yet even envisioned! The technology resources available to St. Joachim students connect them to a huge wealth of knowledge. Science classes are the perfect venue for teaching critical thinking and modeling the wonder and awe that our amazing universe inspires.  The more we learn to know and care for all creation, the greater the honor and love we give to our  Creator!


 Overview of Science Topics by Grade

5th - General Science; classification of living things,
        the water cycle, weather, astronomy, basic atomic structure.

6th - Earth Science; land forms, ecological zones and food webs, 
        planets, the Earth-moon system, natural resources and recycling.

7th - Life Science; microscope use, plant parts and reproduction,
        human body systems, genetics and heredity, evolution and 
        Earth's history.
8th - Physical Science; motion, force and energy, climate change,
        chemistry, atomic structure.
Hands on activities and reading for information are emphasized.All grades also have a variety of experiences with measurement in the SI (metric) System, including length, volume, mass and temperature.
We learn science process skills in all grades, starting with the relationship between observation and inference in 5th, up to designing and carrying out an original investigation in 8th. In between, students learn how to state a hypothesis, set up variables to test and generate and analyze data.